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So yesterday was a Very Bad, Very Awful Day (did I steal that from A. A. Milne?). But today has been much better. My English midterm from hell is finally over (and I'm pretty sure I rocked the crap out of the essay. Or if I didn't rock the crap out of it I at least really enjoyed writing it and am proud of the final product.) I have forgotten how stressful in-class essays are, especially when they are open note! Yikes. 

Yesterday was just a bad day all around, particularly before I left for band. Some things irritated me, and other things I have been sort of still suppressing bubbled up, and then I spilled water all over Christine's birthday card and basically ruined it. That sent me over the edge, and I cried for a pretty long time. Then to add insult to injury I listened to the first movement of the Barnes to drown my sorrows a little, then - when remebering that Barnes wrote the piece while mourning his deceased infant - I calmed down and gained some perspective, though I was still pissed as hell. Luckily for me we played the third movement of Maslanka a LOT yesterday, which means I got to play fast, high, and loud. That did wonders for my anger and I was actually smiling by the time band ended. And Max's recital was awesome and put me in an even better mood. 

Now, I must dedicate my evening to my sociology take home test, studying for Research Methods, and practicing. w00t.


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