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Why hello!
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So yesterday was a Very Bad, Very Awful Day (did I steal that from A. A. Milne?). But today has been much better. My English midterm from hell is finally over (and I'm pretty sure I rocked the crap out of the essay. Or if I didn't rock the crap out of it I at least really enjoyed writing it and am proud of the final product.) I have forgotten how stressful in-class essays are, especially when they are open note! Yikes. 

Yesterday was just a bad day all around, particularly before I left for band. Some things irritated me, and other things I have been sort of still suppressing bubbled up, and then I spilled water all over Christine's birthday card and basically ruined it. That sent me over the edge, and I cried for a pretty long time. Then to add insult to injury I listened to the first movement of the Barnes to drown my sorrows a little, then - when remebering that Barnes wrote the piece while mourning his deceased infant - I calmed down and gained some perspective, though I was still pissed as hell. Luckily for me we played the third movement of Maslanka a LOT yesterday, which means I got to play fast, high, and loud. That did wonders for my anger and I was actually smiling by the time band ended. And Max's recital was awesome and put me in an even better mood. 

Now, I must dedicate my evening to my sociology take home test, studying for Research Methods, and practicing. w00t.
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Okay. I'm typing this out mostly because I need to see it in full, but also those who have opinions can voice them. So yes.

(Potential) Spring of 08 Schedule
8:30-9:45am Psych Interventions (must take)
10:00-11:15am English Literature 1660-1900 (must take)
1:00-2:15pm Research Methods (must take)
4:00-5:20pm Symphonic band rehearsal
8:30-10:20am Sociology/Social Psychology special topics class
4:30-5:30 Symphonic band rehearsal
8:30-10:20am Sociology/Social Psychology special topics class
11:30-12:15pm flute choir rehearsal
4:30-5:30pm Symphonic band rehearsal

And there will be a half hour flute lesson scheduled in there somewhere. I'm also dumping my writing non-fiction class, which is not imperative to take at this point.

I can't believe I'm considering a schedule that consists of 8:30s everyday, but I need to take psych interventions and the social psychology class sounds really really fascinating. I've heard wonderful things about the teacher, it's unlikely I'll be able to take it ever again (if it's even offered) and I love sociology. And sociology with a social psych lens? Does it get much better?
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Blaaaah I think I have hit a wall with this paper, and I have three pages left to go. D:

In other news. Tonight is going to rock!
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So two years ago today was band rec night. Of our senior year.

I am kind of weirded out by this.
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So right now I'm running three Linux-y type programs. How cool am I?
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HP5 = really really good
HP3 = better than I remembered it
car mix dos = good mood inducing
HP7OMGZ = can't come fast enough
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Today was kind of drizzly. The sky remained slate grey all day, and the clouds stubbornly refused the sun's rays. After class, I was walking across campus with my friend Brittany. All around us people with umbrellas and boots were hurrying to get to their next class and out of the rain.

As we were walking past Old Main I randomly commented "it's beautiful out today." And Brittany responded "Becky, you think the weirdest things are beautiful." (And I could have been offended by this, I guess, but it made me happy.) I know most people here - Brittany included - seem to despise the rain and cloudy days, so I said "look at it this way: if it didn't rain, the trees wouldn't bud, and campus would remain parched and ugly all year." And Brittany considered that for a moment and said "I guess you're right. So maybe you're not weird, just optimistic."

Lately, though, it seems like optimism is a weird and difficult thing to come by, my own life included. Which is sad, I guess. Like the other day when Christine and I were talking about...something. And I said something along the lines of "if there weren't any bad days, there wouldn't be good days, either. The bad days are what help people to appreciate the good days." And Christine just looked at me and said "Have you been reading self-help books lately?" That kind of amused me, in a sad way.

All of this reminds me of a Tod Leonard and the Philanthropists lyric:

Had we never come across the vastness of pavement,
The barrenness of waves and the grayness of the sea,
Never lost or ne'er been misguided,
We'd have ne'er reached seas so shining.

I guess I've got my philosophy.
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I'm in love with life right now.

The end.
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Dear LJ-ers (and whoever else happens to read my unprotected posts),

I'm massively confused right now.  In the past two months or so I have listened to every sappy song in my library, watched every chick flick/musical imaginable, and have written dozens of SOCs on the matter. And still, I don't have an answer. (Or I do, and I'm just too afraid and effed up to recognize it.)

So, the question I'm posing to you is this: what do you think constitutes actual, non-infatuational (yay for made-up words) love?


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